Diversifying Your Retirement Portfolio With a Silver IRA

Individual Retirement Accounts have long been a reliable way to grow and save for retirement. But it’s important to look at all of the options available when setting up your IRA to maximize its potential for growth. A silver IRA is one such option that can help diversify your retirement portfolio by providing stability and protection against inflation.

A silver IRA is a special type of precious metals IRA that allows you to invest in physical silver bullion. Precious metals like silver have historically acted as a hedge against inflation, protecting your investment against the devaluation of the dollar. This makes a silver IRA an excellent addition to any Self-Directed IRA, which is the name of the type of IRA that allows you to use your own resources and expertise to make investments in the form of physical assets like real estate or private equity.

If you’re interested in adding a silver IRA to your retirement strategy, the first step is to find a reputable Philadelphia silver IRA custodian that works with trusted partners to ensure your account is compliant with IRS regulations. Many of these companies will advertise as gold IRA providers but also offer other precious metals, such as silver, to their clients. Be sure to read reviews and run the company through the SEC and FINRA checks mentioned above to avoid being charged hidden fees or high commissions.

Once you’ve found a reputable precious metals IRA provider in Philadelphia, you can start making purchases of physical silver through your new IRA account. The IRA custodian will allow you to purchase any silver bullion that meets the IRS’s purity standards, including American Eagles and other precious metal coins as well as bars of silver that are.995 or higher in fineness. You cannot place graded or proof coins in your IRA, however, as these are considered numismatic investments rather than precious metal investments.

As with any investment, a silver IRA can be subject to market volatility and may not perform as well as traditional investments. For this reason, experts often recommend keeping the percentage of your total portfolio invested in precious metals at 10% or less.

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