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How to Refinish Your Wood Cabinets

There are many ways that you can refresh your old kitchen without having to completely replace your cabinets and replace the hardware. You may decide that it is time for an upgrade and are interested in finding out how you can get the same results at a reasonable cost. The best way to update your cabinet is to do it yourself. Cabinet refacing is one of the most popular ways of restoring cabinet beauty and value. If you can find an excellent North Houston wood refinishing company, it will be well worth your effort.

Cabinet refacing is the process of refinishing cabinetry by removing the existing hardware and applying a new finish that is similar or the same color as the current finish. One way you can easily update your kitchen is to just paint your cabinets as well. If your current kitchen looks overcrowded and dark because of mismatched cabinetry, applying a fresh coat of lighter colored paint will brighten up the space. If the doors and frames are still in excellent condition, simply a layer of new paint will add a nice breath of new life to your cabinetry.

Cabinet refacing is a great option for a number of reasons. It is an affordable way to update your kitchen. While you might spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on a kitchen renovation, refacing cabinets are much less expensive. There are no framing, or drywall demolition required, and the work can be completed in just a few hours. You will also save a great deal of time because you will not have to hire a professional to install the cabinets when you perform a cabinet refinishing job.

Another reason why it is a great idea to reface your kitchen cabinets with paint is that refacing will leave them much more modern looking than unfinished cabinets. By having the doors and frames replaced, your cabinets will receive an instant makeover. Many people are shocked at how great a real wood cabinet looks compared to one painted over. When you hire cabinet refinishing experts they can paint the frames to match the wood grain in your woodwork, so that they match the look of your cabinets without looking out of place.

If you decide to go with a totally new cabinetry design for your kitchen, you may not be able to afford the expense of replacing cabinets all at once. In this case, cabinet refacing may be the only option. A complete remodel can be very costly, and it would not be practical for most homeowners to attempt to do so. The benefit to replacing cabinets is that you will have all of your doors and frames in perfect condition. This will allow you to use the same doors and frame throughout the house, saving you money on house repairs and the cost of buying new cabinets all at once.

When choosing a cabinet refinishing company, be sure to ask about the company’s warranty and guarantees. Guarantees are important because, in the event that the job is not done correctly, you will be able to get your money back. In addition, quality cabinet refinishing services should offer free installation, so you will not need to pay for installation all at once. Replacing your wood cabinets may be the best investment you ever make.