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Walk-In Closet Systems Gives Your Room a Face Lift

Want a closet that sets your personal style apart from everyone else’s? Want to make your bedroom, bathroom, or wardrobe stand out? Want a closet that will make you look like a model? Custom closet systems and accessories are the answer for you. With our extensive line of quality closet systems, accessories and furniture available to meet your individual needs, we are sure to design a closet or wardrobe that is perfect for you.

Quick, and easy. The salesman was very friendly and knowledgeable. He was able to match your closet size to the specific requirements of your custom closet. The installation was painless and flawless.

Custom Closet System Features. We carry a large variety of closet systems that will meet your unique storage requirements. Floor-to-ceilation construction maximizes floor-to-ceiling space for the ultimate in storage efficiency. Fully lined with coordinating stain and sheen, our drawers and shelves are designed for superior quality and long-lasting use. Built-in shoe organizers and specialty storing bins keep your clothing from being an unorganized mess. In addition to all of these features, custom closet systems also include our popular quick-draw system that is ideal for speedy accessibility of the items you need.

Easy access. No need to guess where something is located. Most units have an easily accessed keypad and key-operated door. An easy-to-read shelf and hanging space indicator lights let you know how much storage space is available and makes finding what you need a snap.

Convenience and Space Utilization. A built-in cabinet organizer makes it possible to maximize the use of your closet’s limited space, saving valuable floor space and freeing up floor space for other uses. Additionally, walk-in closets are easier to get into than those with a built-in system. These models have a front door resembling that of a garage and can be opened from the side or rear. A sliding door provides additional convenience in reaching the top of a storage bin or hanging rod.

Many models also come with convenient accessories such as hanging rods, shoe racks, and a slide-out drawer for storing handbags and shoes. Walk-in closets also offer customized shelving and a choice of ready-made or custom shelving systems. In addition, many units have extra spaces for adding a walk-in pantry. A custom closet makes daily task organization easy. Give your closet a face lift with one of our quality walk-in closets. For more details on custom closet visit